Thursday, July 29, 2010

The merging of God stories

I began this blog as a chronicle of our journey to adopt a baby from Taiwan. Today, I find myself thinking about what the purpose of this blog is now...

Adoption doesn't end when you are matched with a child or when you bring him home. Adoption is a life journey! We brought him home to our FOREVER family on April 20th. Everyday since then has been part of the life-adventure that God dreamed for our family. Brian and I are adjusting to being parents after almost 10 years of marriage (August 12). Nathanael is adjusting so well to being in our family. He LOVES his dog Jack and often laughs outloud at him. He knows who mom and dad are and recognizes if someone else is holding him. He smiles and giggles and lights up our lives. People often say, "That is the cutest baby EVER" as he gives them one of his charming smiles.
I was in a youth revival service tonight in which the speaker discussed our "God stories." My God story began when God broke through my pretending and asked me to get real with Him. I became a Christian that day. Life has never been the same for me since that day. My God story continued when he led me to attend Kentucky Mountain Bible College, where I met my husband, Brian. My life will forever be changed because God called Ted and Bev Skiles to Taiwan to be missionaries and through them, gave us this wonderful gift--Nathanael. What a blessing to be adopted into God's family. What a blessing to adopt this sweet baby boy into our family. What a blessing to be able to share our lives together, just as God and I share our lives together. As I see it our family is really about lots of God stories merging into one beautiful tapestry of God's love and grace. As we are obedient to God, he works to make something beautiful out of our lives. Feeling thankful today. How about you?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

April 20th to the present

We arrived home on April 20th. We were overjoyed for our family and friends to meet our sweet baby boy! Upon leaving the airport, my mom wanted to ride with her grandson. So, I let her and I rode with my dad. Nathanael, quite worn out from being so sick and traveling for 23 hours, began to cry. They pulled over so I could get in and comfort him. My mom informed me that he was wheezing. Not what a new mom wants to hear upon arriving home!

I immediately called a good friend, Lori Weimer, who helped us get in to see a doctor that day. What followed was the longest, most exhausting week of my life. We ended up being at the doctor's office everyday that week. During the week, he began breathing treatments, had chest x-rays, spiked a fever over 105 degrees and had a Urinary tract infection, resulting in him being hospitalized for the weekend. Did I mention that Brian was also sick upon arriving home and we were experiencing jetlag? We would have never made it without the Lord's help to multiply our strength and send in reinforcements in the form of Libby Sellers and Brenda Visser. Both of these lovely ladies are nurses who each stayed a night to help us monitor Nathanael prior to him being admitted to the hospital.

All that being said, that week taught me that with the Lord's help, I can handle A LOT more than I thought I could!

Nathanael has been healthy since that time. He has the occasional stuffy nose, sneezes, and occasional cough. This mom with allergies thinks he suffers from them as well, but only the seasonal kind and nothing major.

Since we've been home from Taiwan, Nathanael has been able to meet most of my side of the family and some of Brian's. He has met his church family and has many "aunts and uncles" who love him. I am staying home with him and loving it, even though I've become a bit of a hermit. =)

He has learned the following things since we've been home: rolling over from his back to his tummy and back over to his back, sitting up for periods of time, squealing, spitting and sticking out his tongue, grasping toys and mommy's hair, and wrapping pretty much everyone he meets around his finger! Praise the Lord for this precious, giggley, smiley, healthy baby boy!