Saturday, June 26, 2010

Arriving Home

After 23 hours of travel, we were ready for final descent into Mobile Airport! The trip was amazing. God had been good to us and we were counting our blessings and feeling the jetlag at the same time!

Our sweet friends and my parents met us at the airport. What a wonderful welcome Nathanael received. It was a giant celebration of God making a family.

A few pictures of Taiwan

The pictures are as follows:
1. Tea fields near The Home of God's Love
2. Brian with the largest carrots I have ever seen.
3. Me with "The Blue Bomb" that we and the Elswicks drove back and forth to the apartment
4. A family picture inside Taipei 101
5. Group picture at Taroki Gorge
These are just a few of the sights we saw. I wish I could share all of our pictures, but we took over a thousand! Taiwan is a beautiful country and so are the people there. It will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Friday, June 25, 2010

In Taiwan

While in Taiwan, we were given a tour of sights of from Ted Skiles. The food there was amazing as well. We visited a local market and a handicraft center. We had so much fun! We also helped with babies and, of course, spent quality time with Nathanael.

Traveling with Ted was a wonderful adventure. He is a wonderful man of God and was such a blessing to spend time with. We were able to hear stories of God's provision for the home. What an inspiration! We met wonderful people who took care of Nathanael: Bev Skiles, Showhwa, Katie, Judith, Jess, Ellen, and Grandma. We also met Jen Jen and Janet who travel down from Taipei every week to volunteer their time with the babies. We met children who loved Nathanael and who were a joy to get to know. In Taipei, we met the Edwards family. They became good friends! It is difficult to sum up our trip here. It was amazing, tiring, inspiring, beautiful, educational, emotional, life-changing...I could go on and on, but I hear my sweet Taiwanese boy waking up from his short nap.

Meeting Nathanael for the first time!

When we arrived at The Home of God's Love, we basically ran in the door to meet our son! These pictures capture the smiles that still haven't left our faces! We enjoyed meeting Ted and Bev Skiles, Showhwa, Jess, Ellen, Katie, Judith and Grandma upon arriving at the home. I do think that we were the most excited to meet Nathanael, though!