Monday, September 28, 2009

Exciting News

We were notified that we are officially on the waiting list for the orphanage in Taiwan!!!  The director asked us to go ahead and begin our homestudy!!!  We are so excited about this.  This also makes things seem so much more real to us that we are REALLY on this journey of adoption!  We would like to ask you to help us pray that God will provide the resources for the adoption.  While we have chosen a route that is a small fraction of the cost of a typical adoption, it is still a lot for us.  We are looking at some creative fundraising ideas.  (If you have any suggestions, feel free to share those in the comment section!)  Look for information soon about gift baskets and gift items you may want to purchase for Christmas gifts that would have the added benefit of helping us raise funds for adoption.  Most of all, please PRAY that God works out all the details.  We believe that He has chosen a child for our family.  We believe that He will provide the funds needed and the appropriate paperwork will be accomplished.  We serve an awesome God! 

"He gives children to the woman who has none, and makes her a happy mother.  Praise the Lord!"  Psalm 113:9

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  1. Please pray for Peter, a worker at the orphanage. He was hit by a car and has been in ICU. He is just now recognizing people and able to speak some words.