Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year, New Happenings

My baby boy has grown into a little man!  Since I last posted, we moved north and Nathanael turned 3!  We’ve been busy with new ministry opportunities.  Brian is enjoying his new worship pastor position.  He is also helping out with teens some, too.  I am going to start counseling again. I love  being home with Nathanael, but we have the opportunity for him to attend child care at our church where Brian and I both will be working. Nathanael is loving making new friends. He LOVES kids!  He’d be such a good brother.  Which leads me to this…We are hoping to begin the adoption process again soon.  First we really need to sell our land in Vancleave, MS and either sell or rent our house in Centerville, Iowa.  Real estate purchase and ministry moves are not friends.J  These changes would put us in a better financial position to adopt.  
Would you partner with us to pray?

Here are our requests:
1. That our financial situation would change through the sale of our land and sale or rent of our house…or however God sees fit. J
2. That God would guide our decision-making about what agency to use, where to adopt from (We’d really like to adopt from Taiwan, again, but are open to other countries as well.)
3.  That God would give us wisdom in our marriage and parenting, especially with the work changes for me and in our hopes of adopting again…and well doesn’t everyone need wisdom in marriage and parenting?
Thank you for partnering to pray with us.

Here are some recent memories…
                                                 Christmas Morning
                                                Fun with the binocs
                                              On the circle in Indy
                                                Music fun with Daddy

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