Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Matching Grant

We have a donor who will match all donations to our adoption fund, or sales in our crafting shop up to $1,000!  Isn't that amazing! If we can raise $1,000 and have it matched, we will be VERY close to our referral fee!  So how can you help?

1.  You can donate with a tax deductible gift here, 

2.  You can donate by mailing us a check.  If you'd like to do this comment on this post with your email address and I will send you our address. (Cash donations are also accepted.)

3.  You can purchase a puzzle piece from our puzzle fundraiser.  The pieces are $10 each.  You can buy as many as you want and the name or names of your choosing will be written on the back of the piece.  The puzzle will hang in Baby Shubert's room and he or she will know that you helped to bring them home to our forever family.

4.  You can purchase from our crafting shop here or here.  We sell t-shirt infinity scarves and take orders for jollypops and wire crosses.  They make great Christmas presents and you can request certain colors if you like for both the jollypops and the wire crosses.

5.  You can pray for God to provide the funds.  I would love to take advantage of the full $1,000 match.

I have added a thermometer to the right for you to see the progress of our match.  All donations must be received by October 18, 2013.

Thank you in advance for your prayers, shopping, and giving!

With love from The Shuberts

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