Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Good News!

So if you've adopted you know that the process is full of a lot of "hurry up and wait".  We've been working to get our dossier documents to our agency.  I am happy to report that they have all of the documents they need from us.  Now we wait for the sealed documents to be sent from the Chinese Consulate to our agency via a courier.  These documents are currently being processed.  At that point, our agency will review our documents and prepare and send our dossier to China!!!  I can't wait until I can share these initials DTC!  That means Dossier to China.  So we've been hurrying and hurrying and now we are in a waiting season.  

During this time, we also held an adoption auction, a LulaRoe fundraiser, and a necklace auction which MANY of you supported!  Through these, God provided the rest of the funds we needed to be able to submit our dossier.  Thank you all for praying for and supporting us! 

We also received word this week from Show Hope that we were approved for a grant from to help with some of our adoption expenses!!!  What a blessing!  I have to share a bit of our story here.  In 2001 while getting ready for work, I was listening to a Focus on the family broadcast featuring Steven Curtis Chapman.  He was discussing his family's first adoption from China.  I listened intently with tears running down my cheeks to their family's precious story!  God made it clear to me in that moment that international adoption would be a part of our family's story.  At the time we were too young to adopt from China.  We began a years long journey of researching adoption, praying about our options, being discouraged by the costs, and asking God what his plan for our family was.  As most of you know, we adopted our son from Taiwan in 2010.  Yet, China has always been in our hearts.  God worked out the details and in March we were matched with Josiah and later in June we were matched with Gideon.  I am humbled when I look back and see how God used this radio broadcast to speak to my heart and is using Steven Curtis Chapman's organization (Show Hope) to help bring our two precious boys home!  He knows how to perfectly weave the tapestry of our lives together.  Today I am standing back in amazement as I look at this beautiful piece of artwork he has created!

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