Thursday, October 1, 2009

How can you help us with adoption?

We have been asked this question often lately as we have many supportive friends and family members.
There are three main answers:
1. Please pray for us and Ted and Bev Skiles who run the orphanage in Taiwan. Pray that God gives them wisdom in the decisions they have to make. Pray that God helps us maneuver the difficult road of international adoption. Pray that God grants us favor with judges and government officials. Pray that God provides the finances for us to adopt. International adoption usually ranges from 25,000-50,000 dollars. Because we found an orphanage that is a Christian ministry, ours should only cost around 8,000 dollars!

2. This brings me to point number 2. We will be doing some fundraisers in the near future that we would love for you to participate in. Also, I had 2 people on Monday remind me that some people may not want to purchase items, but may simply want to give. If you are interested in contributing securely through PayPal, you can follow the link that is in the post below. Feel free to email or comment with any questions about this. I am a little uncomfortable with this, but those same two people reminded me not to "rob someone of a blessing." PLEASE do not feel pressured to give if you do not want to or do not feel you can. Your greatest gift to us is your friendship, support and prayers.

3. Rejoice with us! We are so excited about how God is creating a family for us!

"I will thank the Lord very much. I will praise Him in front of many people." Psalm 109:30

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