Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crafting A Family

I haven't really posted much about our crafting site.  We have set up a website here. We are making and selling infinity T-shirt scarves and JoLLyPoPs.  Click on the albums and you will see the individual items we have for sale.  Comment "Sold" on the picture of one you want to buy.  Easy.

Next week we are adding jewelry made by a friend and we will make 50% on each piece.  It's really pretty, too.  We will be adding wire crosses in the future.  My husband makes these (They are really awesome, too.I might be biased, but I love them!).  He's had a crazy summer with camps and just general ministry busy-ness, but I promise, they are coming!

So "like" our page on facebook.  "Share" it with your friends, and help us bring Baby Shubert home!

I can't end this post without thanking you, our friends and family, who have given to and prayed for our adoption.  You're awesome!

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